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Sports Physio Near Me

If you are looking for sports physio near me then you have come to the right place. At Specific Physiotherapy, our team of experienced professionals offer a variety of therapies and treatments tailored specifically to each individual's needs, so that you can recover faster and get back onto your sporting field.


Our sport physio specialists have extensive knowledge in sports-related injuries, biomechanics and related conditions and are committed to providing outstanding treatment, advice and support to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

So why not book an appointment today to take the next step in improving your physical well-being?

Book online or call our sports physio clinic on 0490021474 to discuss your sport injury today.

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Sport Physiotherapy Near Me

Are you looking for sport physiotherapy near me? Specific Physiotherapy clinic offers the highest quality sports physio care for athletes, from amateur to professional.


Here, our physiotherapists have years of experience with assessing, diagnosing and providing treatments for musculoskeletal sports injuries.


Sports physio treatment plans for each patient are tailored according to their individual symptoms, needs and based on the latest evidence-based practices.


Our goal is to restore physical performance of sports people by focusing on corrective exercise, manual therapy techniques and education of injury prevention strategies.


By integrating the best of traditional and state-of-the-art physiotherapy interventions such as dry needling, we provide patients with optimum pain relief and improved physical function.


Our sports physio is committed to restoring your health and getting you back to peak performance as soon as possible.

sport physiotherapy near me

What is Sports Physio?

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised field of physiotherapy treatment focussed on the treatment and rehabilitation of athletes and people with sports-related injuries. It focuses on ensuring the body can move optimally, while also restoring balance and decreasing any associated pain or other symptoms.


By assessing movement patterns and muscles strength, our highly skilled sports physiotherapist can identify areas of weakness, mobility restrictions or irregularities. Through manual therapy and targeted exercise they can reduce pain levels, while also restoring muscular balance throughout the body to decrease the risk of sport injuries.


In some cases it may be used to help athletes return to their desired level of performance, allowing them to achieve their goals safely.

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Sports physio: Who is it for?

Sport physio is a type of therapy that can help improve your performance and reduce the risk of sports injury when playing participating in an activity. This type of therapy provides numerous benefits to sports people and athletes and includes strength training, flexibility work, as well as gait and balance assessments.


If you are seeking to improve your overall physical function or have specific concerns related to pain or sports injury, such as stress fractures, our physios trained in sports physiology will help. Even if you are not a professional athlete and are only beginning, sport physio is for you!


Our services provide an excellent way for all athletes to promote their health and physical condition during practice and competition. Anyone who desires the best performance possible for their given sport would benefit from undergoing a sport physiotherapy assessment to maximise muscular endurance and reduce injury risk.

If you are still unsure if sport physio is for you then please feel free to give us a call on 0490 021 474 to discuss.

Our Sport Physio Services

Our sport physio services are designed to provide sports people with the support they need to reach their potential. Our team of highly qualified professionals work closely with you throughout your journey, ensuring that you are choosing treatments, rehabilitation and regimens that are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.


We can also assist in managing injuries sustained while aiming for competitive excellence, providing a pathway back to peak performance. Our services also extend beyond just specialised treatment, encompassing pre-injury consultations and post injury health assistance as well.

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Whatever your end goal may be - from amateur recreation to elite competition - our team of physiotherapists can help guide you there - symptom free.

For more information about our physio services please contact the clinic at 0490 021 474 today.

Sport injury rehabilitation by our trained physiotherapists

Physiotherapy is essential in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, as properly trained physiotherapists are equipped to assist athletes with the proper guidance and skill sets to help them recover both quickly and safely.


With their knowledge of physical anatomy, physiology and musculoskeletal mechanics, they can create individualised treatment plans specific to each athlete’s range of motion, level of activity and history of sports injury.


Whether it’s due to trauma, overuse or age-related changes, physiotherapy treatments can help an athlete strengthen weak muscles, improve flexibility and alignment as well as retrain movements for an efficient return to their sport.


All of which result in better outcomes for the injured athlete allowing them to get back on their feet with optimal performance.

sport physiotherapist near me

What should I do if I injure myself playing sport?

Be sure to act quickly if you should ever hurt yourself while playing a sport. Contact us for the proper treatments and apply ice to the region to reduce swelling. Our goal is to evaluate your sports injury after a sports accident so you receive the care you require right away—not weeks later!

Our sports physiotherapist will accurately analyse and diagnose you before recommending the best treatment plan that is individually tailored to help you heal as quickly as possible and return to your favourite sport.

Benefits of sport physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy offers many advantages for athletes and sports enthusiasts. From improving physical performance, to recovering from an injury, a trained physiotherapist can provide specialised guidance and relief that is tailored to the needs of each individual patient.


Especially helpful for those who are at higher risk of acquiring a sport-related injury, or suffering from joint or muscle pain due to regular exercise.

Additionally, it aids athletes and active people in quickly regaining mobility after suffering an injury, allowing them to get back on track sooner than expected. All in all, sports physiotherapy is an essential tool for maintaining optimal physical health and performing like the best version of yourselves.

sports physio

We manage all sports injuries

At Specific Physiotherapy, our sports physio specialises in the management of all sports injuries. We understand the physical demands of most sports nowadays. Our sports physiotherapists treat an array of musculoskeletal injuries occurring in athletes who partake in a variety of different sports.

We treat athletes of local sporting clubs including West Preston Lakeside FC, Preston Lions Football Club and others.


Examples of types of sports injury that our sports physiotherapist may treat include ankle sprains, ACL tears, tendonitis or bursitis, ligament sprain, muscle strain, bone fracture, joint injuries, neck pain, soft tissue damage, groin strains, knee pain, tendon pain, dislocation or separation of joints, hip pain, neck pain, muscles tear, headaches, concussion and head injuries, as well as lower back pain.


Our sports physio assist athletes by running assessments to diagnose the precise causes of the injury and developing individualised exercise or treatment plans that may range from manual therapy and rehabilitation exercise to joint mobilisation or soft tissue treatments.


The goal for many sports injuries is to reduce pain and symptoms, aid healing, encourage strength building and improve flexibility in order to get back to playing again at peak performance. Speak with our sports physio for more info today.

How we treat sports injuries

Physiotherapy treatment is an effective way to allow athletes to heal from their sports injuries. An initial assessment of your symptoms is made in order to determine the best treatment, which may include stretching and strengthening exercise, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, muscles massage or dry needling other techniques.

Sports injuries can be treated in a variety of ways, often depending on the severity of the injury. Treatments for sports injuries usually begin with rest and ice and may include strengthening exercise, manual therapy, and stretching.


However, in more severe cases, a sports medicine intervention for sports people such as surgery or long-term rehabilitation might be required. It is essential to understand the proper treatments necessary to heal particular injuries quickly for better recovery and safely to reduce the probability of the injury recurring or worse yet making it even more severe.

Post operative rehabilitation can be a vital phase of recovery for your physical condition following surgery or injury. A tailored exercise program will provide the individual with specialised exercise and guidance to help rebuild strength, mobility, and functioning. 


After the athlete has completed a rehabilitation program, they can expect to minimise pain and gain strength for their respective sports. To ensure full recovery and long-term health, athletes should follow all recommended physio treatments and remain diligent with their restoration plan.

Book your Sports Physiotherapy Session Today

Sports physiotherapy can greatly benefit your athletic performance and health. Being proactive in treating pain from sports-related injuries is key; Attending a professional physiotherapy session can give you the personalised support that is needed to help you recover quickly and safely.


Our highly experienced practitioners will assess your individual needs, create a personalised management plan, and utilise evidence-based techniques to help you reach your goals. Booking a session today will not only fast track your recovery but also provide long term benefits such as reduced pain, improved flexibility, stability, coordination, muscle strength and range of motion.

Please email imaging reports (x-ray, MRI & ultrasound) to


Call the physios here to discuss our services or any relevant information. Our clinic is conveniently located in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria. We will get you back to peak condition in no time. Take the next step towards optimal performance book your sports physiotherapy session today.

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