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Sports Massage Near Me

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If you are looking for the best sports massage near me then look no further than our massage therapists at Specific Physiotherapy. We are conveniently located at 10 St Duthus Street Preston VIC. Our sports massage treatment services can be claimed with all major private health funds under remedial massage.

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What is sports massage?

Clients can benefit from sports massage treatment before, during, and after activity. Anyone who exercises can benefit from sport massages to improve flexibility, avoid injuries, and aid in the recovery process following a sports injury.

What does sports massage do?

Sports massage is specially designed to address a variety of sports and athletic ailments. It is not a soothing type of massage and is frequently fairly rigorous. It functions by loosening up tense muscle, energising dormant muscles, and enhancing the state of the soft tissue.

How does our massage work?

Our sports massage treatment aims to lessen stress and tension that might accumulate in the body's soft tissues during activity. Uses for this type of massage include:

  • boost overall endurance

  • better performance

  • reduce the chance of injuries

  • shorter time spent recovering from an injury

How does our massage work?

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The aim of sports massage is improving performance, reducing pain and shortening recovery times.

What is involved in a sports massage?

Techniques we use for sports massage treatment depend on the person's training regimen and the type of condition they have.

Our sports massage techniques consist of:

  • Compressing and stretching the muscle and tissues results in soft tissue release

  • Using a neuromuscular method, pain and tension can be eliminated by focusing on trigger points in the nervous system

  • Positional release: a technique for calming down tense muscles

  • Fascial release is the process of deeply and slowly massaging the muscles' surrounding connective tissues.

What are the benefits of sports massages?

Preventing delayed onset muscular soreness is one of the key advantages of sports massage. Additionally, it makes exercise more effective and helps people avoid some of the usual health problems associated with activity, such as muscle strain.

Additional benefits of our massage

In addition, sports massage may help treat health ailments including shin splints, tennis elbow, sprains, and muscle strains by reducing heart rate and blood pressure, boosting circulation, and increasing lymph flow.

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Whats the difference between sports massage therapy and remedial massage?

Massage for activity

Sports massage is a type of health treatment our professional therapists provide when athletes report pain or muscle tension after a sporting event. This massage treatment often includes massage techniques designed to promote blood flow including jostling, percussion, effleurage and petrissage.

Massage for pain relief

On the other hand, remedial massage treatments are a more targeted approach that utilises trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and myofascial cupping for pain relief from headaches, back pain etc.

Remedial techniques

Our therapists will use trigger point therapy to remove muscle tension and referring pain. We will also use deep tissue massage for release of the deeper layer of muscle and fascia. Dry needling can also be used during remedial massage for pain relief. Remedial massage with deep tissue massage techniques are not usually associated with pregnancy massage or relaxation massage.

Both are considered natural therapies that enhance blood flow for a variety of health reasons. Our highly trained massage therapists will tailor a massage that is based on the physical demands on your body during activity.

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Can I get a combination of both remedial massage and sports massage?

Yes! We tailor all treatments to the needs of individual clients. We understand every now and then your body needs deep tissue massage, myofascial release and dry needling.

We believe you are the expert of your health and we encourage you to be involved in how we can best manage your symptoms. Talk to one of our friendly therapists about a treatment today!

Our sports massage therapist

Our chief therapist Billy Gilhooley provided sports massage at the elite athlete standard for several years with the Hawthorn Football Club. He is a physiotherapist and massage therapist who understands your body more than most. Deep tissue massage is his speciality but he can tailor treatments to your needs.

Sports massage covered by all major health funds

Health fund rebates are available for deep tissue remedial massage and sports massage therapy. Most health funds include sports massage under remedial massage. Please contact your health fund to confirm you are covered prior to your consultation.

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Claiming with HICAPS

All massages with our therapists are covered under remedial massage with your health fund and can be claimed with HICAPS. We have provider numbers for all major health funds including Medibank, Ahm and Nib. Please contact the practice if you require more information about health funds and coverage prior to booking.

Book your massage online today

If you have any more questions please give us a call otherwise feel free to book your massage online today.

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