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Physiotherapy and meniscus injuries

What is the meniscus?

Meniscus injury is one of the most frequent knee ailments that Billy Gilhooley, a physiotherapist at Specific Physiotherapy, treats. A section of semi-circular cartilage called a meniscus is positioned between the femur and the tibia. A lateral and a medial meniscus are present in each knee (see diagram below).

There are forces and stresses placed on the knee every time you walk on your foot, land on your foot, or ascend and descend stairs. The meniscus is a crucial component of your body because it serves as a shock absorber, reducing stress on the knee joint.

What can I expect at the physiotherapy session?

Billy Gilhooley at Specific Physiotherapy will do a thorough evaluation of your body during your initial consultation. You might do this by examining your lower back, hips, and feet. This is carried out to guarantee that any issue areas are identified and treated right away. The physiotherapist will then examine the meniscus to determine the extent of the damage. One or more of the following treatment methods may be used: hands-on therapy, electrotherapy (interferential, ultrasound), Pilates, wobble board therapy, and other types of exercises.

Billy Gilhooley, your physiotherapist at Specific Physiotherapy, is skilled in treating a meniscus injury. We use both clinically based and evidence-based methods to give you the best care possible so you may resume your normal activities as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to call us at 0490 021 474.

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