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Important: A Preston physiotherapist explains why everyone must use a contoured pillow to sleep.

What type of pillow is good for neck?

The choice of a pillow is important because we can spend up to a third of our life sleeping. Long-term atypical positions taken when sleeping are the most common cause of neck pain (and sleep disturbances). A soft filled pillow that is prone to losing its shape does not offer the level of support needed to unwind the system of ligaments and muscles in the neck that support the head. Instead, these components are left unsupported, which will inevitably lead to neck pain.

Popular warning signs and symptoms of a poor pillow include headaches or migraines, neck pain, clicking or grinding noises when moving about, pins and needles, and numbness or pain in the fingers or arms. Billy Gilhooley, a Preston Physiotherapist, will assess, treat and manage any symptoms caused by incorrect sleeping positioning and posture.

Don't forget to discuss your unique pillow requirements with your physiotherapist at your upcoming appointment with Billy Gilhooley, your Physiotherapist in Preston.

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