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How to Access Bulk Billed Physiotherapy with Medicare EPC: Billy Gilhooley

Welcome to the Specific Physiotherapy blog! I'm Billy Gilhooley, a Preston-based physiotherapist specialising in managing chronic pain through the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan. Today, I'm excited to share how you can access Medicare physiotherapy services, specifically through the EPC plan, and how it can benefit you.

Bulk billed physiotherapy by Preston physiotherapist Billy Gilhooley at Specific Physiotherapy clinic

Understanding the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan

The EPC plan is a Medicare initiative that allows patients with chronic medical conditions to access professional physiotherapy services. The key to accessing this plan is through a GP referral. As a bulk billing physiotherapist, I regularly communicate with GPs who refer patients for physiotherapy under the EPC plan.

How to Get a GP Referral for EPC Medicare Physiotherapy

To be eligible for an EPC plan, you must have a chronic condition that has been or is likely to be present for at least six months. This includes conditions like arthritis, chronic back pain, or repetitive strain injuries. Here's how you can get a referral:

1. Consult Your GP: Discuss your chronic condition and the possibility of physiotherapy treatment under the EPC plan.

2. GP Assessment: Your GP will assess your condition and determine if you qualify for the EPC plan.

3. Referral: If eligible, your GP will create a tailored treatment plan and refer you to a physiotherapist like me.

The Role of Physiotherapy in Managing Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy and Chronic Pain Management

One of the most effective ways to manage chronic pain is through physiotherapy. At Specific Physiotherapy, we specialiSe in various techniques that are tailored to alleviate pain and improve quality of life. Physiotherapy helps by:

- Improving Mobility and Function: Tailored exercises and therapies are designed to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, which can reduce the discomfort caused by chronic conditions.

- Pain Relief Techniques: We use methods such as manual therapy, remedial massage, heat and cold therapy, and electrical stimulation to directly target and alleviate pain.

- Education and Self-Management: Our approach includes educating patients about their condition and pain management strategies, empowering them to take an active role in their treatment.

- Personalised Care Plans: We understand that each case of chronic pain is unique, so we develop personalised treatment plans that address specific needs and goals.

Incorporating physiotherapy into your treatment plan can significantly improve your ability to manage chronic pain and enhance your overall well-being. At Specific Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of this journey.

For more information about Specific Physiotherapy and chronic pain please visit:

Bulk Billed Physiotherapy Under the EPC Plan

As a bulk billed physio, I provide treatments under the EPC plan at Specific Physiotherapy. This means the cost of your physiotherapy sessions can be covered by Medicare, subject to the applicable gap fees. Our rates are as follows:

- 30 minutes session: $47 GAP

- 45 minutes session: $67 GAP

- 60 minutes session: $87 GAP

Is Physio Covered by Medicare?

Many patients ask, Does Medicare cover physio? The answer is yes, under the EPC plan. Medicare physiotherapy is a great way to access affordable care for chronic conditions.

The Benefits of Choosing a Bulk Billing Physiotherapist

Choosing a bulk billing physio like Specific Physiotherapy means you can access high-quality care without the stress of high out-of-pocket expenses. We understand that managing chronic pain is a journey, and our goal is to make it as accessible and comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Is Physiotherapy Covered by Medicare?

Yes, physiotherapy is covered under the EPC plan with a GP referral.

- How Many Sessions Can I Get?

Medicare usually covers up to five physiotherapy sessions per calendar year under the EPC plan.


As a chronic pain physiotherapist in Preston, I, Billy Gilhooley, am committed to providing effective, bulk billed physiotherapy to my patients. If you're struggling with a chronic condition and believe physiotherapy can help, talk to your GP about a referral under the EPC plan. At Specific Physiotherapy, we're here to support your journey to better health with affordable and accessible care.

Contact Us

To learn more about bulk billing physio services at Specific Physiotherapy or to book an appointment, please visit our website or contact our clinic. Let’s take the first step together in managing your chronic pain effectively under the EPC plan.


Specific Physiotherapy is committed to providing quality care under the EPC plan. We hope this article has answered your questions regarding Medicare physiotherapy. Remember, managing chronic pain is more accessible than you think!


I look forward to helping you on your chronic pain journey!

Billy Gilhooley 0490 021 474 10 St Duthus St, Preston VIC 3072 Billy Gilhooley is a renowned expert and distinguished physiotherapist in Preston and owner of Specific Physiotherapy, a popular local health clinic with over 70 5 star reviews on Google.

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