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Physical Therapy

Post Operative Physiotherapy

Locating Specific Physiotherapy in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, is easy. For the best physiotherapy services, Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Northcote, and Thornbury residents rely on us. Our knowledgeable physiotherapist can give a number of therapies, including post-operative physiotherapy to relieve pain and restore function, to treat any illness or injury. For additional details, call 0490 021 474.

Post operative care physiotherapy


A surgical treatment that is the first step towards your successful outcome would have been expertly carried out by your surgeon. After that, you'll normally start a post-operative rehabilitation regimen that your physiotherapist will prescribe and oversee.

Simple exercises will be given to you by your physiotherapist to help reduce complications like chest infections and blood clots (DVTs) in the hospital. Typically, early strengthening or range of motion exercises are necessary for your recuperation. After being released from the hospital, you'll typically need to be reassessed and have your progress monitored. ​

Physiotherapy exercise rehabilitation program


You'll almost probably need to progress your exercise programme after orthopaedic surgery to restore your strength, flexibility, and function. It is customary to seek the advice of a physiotherapist skilled in post-operative rehabilitation.

We at Specific Physiotherapy are pleased to help you with your post-surgical treatment. The therapy regimens recommended by the majority of Melbourne's orthopaedic surgeons are familiar to our physiotherapists. To assess any unique needs based on your surgery, we'll be happy to communicate with your surgeon. 

The recovery process after surgery must be done properly for the best results. ​

Physical Therapy Session

To achieve the best results, every orthopaedic surgical operation needs careful physical therapy rehabilitation. Some treatments don't even need much rehabilitation, whilst others can take many months to recover fully. The physiotherapists at Specific Physiotherapy have the knowledge and skills to help you recover fully from surgery as quickly as possible with effective post operation programmes. Our post-operative physiotherapists in Preston, Melbourne, can help you with any rehabilitation programmes dealing with the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, spine, & pelvic floor.

Tailor-made Physio Rehabilitation

At Specific Physiotherapy, we'll collaborate with you to create a personalised treatment plan so you can heal as quickly and effectively as possible. We'll do everything it takes to get you back to your daily activities, whether they be job, sports, or other obligations.

It is often advantageous to let your surgeon know that you plan to return for post-operative care at Specific Physiotherapy if you have undergone surgery. Any time is a good time to schedule a visit with Specific Physiotherapy. Please get in touch with your physiotherapist right away if you feel that your recovery is going slowly or if it appears that your mobility is being affected.

Physical Therapy

Post Operative Physiotherapy in Preston, VIC 

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We are situated at 10 St. Duthus Street, Preston, Victoria. Please utilise the website to schedule a physiotherapy appointment that includes post operative physiotherapy rehabilitation. Please email image reports as well before your first physiotherapy appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to phone us at 0490 021 474.

Our physiotherapist is available for appointments

Patients can manage their own physiotherapy appointments online by following the link below. Contact our helpful staff if you have any questions at first; they will be happy to help.

With the help of our physiotherapy services, you may start living pain-free and accomplish your goals for health, wellbeing, and fitness. Make an appointment right away.

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