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Physio for Neck Pain

physio for neck pain

Physio for neck pain is a common request for us at Specific Physiotherapy in Preston Vic. Neck pain can be a debilitating problem, especially in chronic cases. For answers to some frequently asked questions about neck pain please continue reading. You may learn more about the diagnosis and treatment methods used by our physiotherapists.

How can we help?

Our physiotherapists will identify the cause of your neck condition and provide a tailored neck pain treatment to help with your recovery. We specialise in both the neck physio assessment and neck pain treatment. We help patients recover from neck injuries by treating neck pain source of symptoms.

Those experiencing neck pain often present with pain radiating headaches or accompanied shoulder pain. We will isolate all causes of neck pain and provide a targeted exercise program and treatment plan to reduce symptoms and improve function.

We are experts in treating neck pain and providing advice to prevent symptoms from re-occuring. For the best neck pain physiotherapy available look no further.

Neck Physio Melbourne

If you are looking for neck physiotherapy Melbourne then look no further. Physio can be an extremely effective treatment option if you are suffering from neck pain. Physiotherapy can help to alleviate pain by improving the range of motion in your neck and by strengthening the muscles that support your neck.

In addition, neck physio can help to reduce swelling and inflammation. Our neck physio is often combined with other treatment options, such as remedial massage therapy. If you are suffering from neck pain, talk to us about whether neck physio is right for you.

Expert physiotherapy for neck pain treatment Melbourne

Physiotherapy is a commonly used treatment for neck pain in Melbourne. The most common physio technique for neck pain involves the reduction of pain and / or stiffness during the acute phases.

When the pain reduces and the cervical movement increases then neck physio aims to develop dynamic strengthening of the neck spine and the supporting muscles, and develop strategies for preventing neck pain reoccurrence.

neck physio

Acute Neck Pain & Chronic Neck Pain Differences

Acute neck pain appears in a sudden manner and typically goes away within a few days to weeks. The muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs are frequently the site of pain. Chronic neck discomfort lasts more than three months; it may be constant or get worse during specific activities.

Each require an accurate diagnosis to ensure differentiate between a neck strain or a chronic cervical spine condition. At Specific Physiotherapy we provide neck pain physiotherapy for acute and chronic pain conditions.

Hugging a Pillow

What we do

To ensure an accurate diagnosis we will assess your head and neck movements to identify the structures causing neck pain. Our physical assessment includes a neurological examination, muscle strength tests and movement capabilities. Usually your objective assessment informs your treatment package.

Our treatment methods of the neck region involve massage therapy, retraining core muscles and a discussion about lifestyle factors that could be contributing. Our experienced team are experts in spinal mobilisations and spinal manipulation should you require either.

We also incorporate dry needling to speed up the healing process and encourage movement with specific exercises for you to complete at home.

What causes neck pain and how neck physiotherapy can help

There are many potential causes of neck pain. When something large falls on your head or you experience whiplash from a car accident, your spine may be suddenly injured.

Additionally, chronic conditions like osteoarthritis or postural problems can cause neck pain over time. Most diseases that cause neck pain can be treated with physiotherapy. The most commonly treated injuries at Specific Physiotherapy are superior spine sprain, pinched nerves, whiplash and wry neck pain.

Neck pain symptoms are common causes of headaches, which we treat successfully also.


Neck physiotherapy for common causes of neck pain

Neck pain can be an excruciating affliction menacing your day-to-day activities and disrupting your life. Fortunately, neck physiotherapy can be an effective tool to alleviate common causes of neck pain.

Delivered by trained our professionals, physiotherapy focuses on developing a personalised treatment plan for each patient tailored to their specific needs and physical capabilities.

This treatment often combines active exercises, manual therapy, and modalities such as ultrasound and dry needling to address the underlying cause of the patient's symptoms and increase the joint's range of motion.

Neck physiotherapy is not only cost-effective but also minimally invasive compared to some other treatments, making it ideal for those looking to relieve their pain quickly while avoiding uncomfortable or expensive alternatives.

Additionally, we use a holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of back pain. We treat using evidence based massage therapy techniques aimed at helping the body heal. We treat back pain caused by poor posture or injury. We also provide important tailored exercises that treat the cause of your pain. Book an appointment online today.

Home remedies for neck pain

Fortunately, there are many home remedies available to help ease the upper spine discomfort.

Regular yoga and stretching exercises can strengthen the muscles which helps reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Massage therapy can also be beneficial, as it increases blood flow to the painful area and provides lasting relief.

Heat therapy, such as taking hot baths or using heating pads on the affected area, helps relax tense muscles which can lessen your discomfort.

Try these methods individually or in combination to find the natural treatment that works best for you and alleviate your neck pain quickly and effectively.

Tell me the cause of neck pain?

Neck pain can be caused by several different factors, such as incorrect posture, physical injury, stress and tension, arthritis and even sleeping incorrectly.

In particular, the repetitive strain of overexertion or poor posture can cause a wide range of neck pain issues over time. For instance, incorrect posture can lead to neck muscles straining from staying in one position for long periods of time. Holding an awkward position while at work prevents many office workers from living a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, if physical trauma is sustained in the cervical spine area due to an accident or other incident, then pain and tenderness might be experienced immediately following. Moreover, emotional stress and tension can also lead to increased muscular tension which can contribute to neck injury or ache.

Finally, it is important to consider underlying medical conditions such as arthritis when presented with spine pain symptoms over a prolonged period.

Do I need physiotherapy for neck pain?

Neck pain is a common problem that can have many different causes. Physiotherapy can be beneficial in improving mobility, reducing pain, and helping to prevent future issues from occurring. It involves assessing the affected area and providing a tailored treatment program designed to meet your individualised needs.

Physiotherapists use various types of treatments including manual therapy, exercise, acupuncture, and education on proper posture. Working with a physiotherapist can help you identify the underlying cause of your spine pain while restoring normal movement and promoting healthy habits for long-term relief.

If left untreated neck stiffness could lead to further injuries to other regions of the body including headaches or upper back pain. It's important to begin treatment with a physio once your head and neck pain begins. Otherwise you are at risk of further injury to your neck if a thorough assessment of your body is not undertaken.


Our physio will teach you management strategies to help live life pain free. Get back to regular exercise and live pain free today.

Is back pain a problem at work? How back & neck physio can help

Back and neck pain is a problem that affects many people at work, as a sedentary lifestyle or repetitive motions can be causes of musculoskeletal pain. While there are preventative measures, such as ergonomic adjustments and regular breaks, sometimes the underlying medical cause needs to be addressed.

Our back and neck physio services can provide an individualised treatment plan to tackle the root cause of back pain for more permanent symptom relief. Our physiotherapists provide manual therapy, exercise prescription and individualised advice on posture and body mechanics in order to help alleviate the issue of chronic or ongoing discomfort in the workplace. Our physio will assess the position of your arms while working to identify if posture is a cause of your pain.

What can you improve at work TO HELP NECK AND BACK PAIN?

Make a regular work break. Sit for 30 seconds and then take a five minute break. It should be easy for everyone to walk during a break. How can I manage stress and improve the quality of my life?


Ask a professional physiotherapist about improving their desk. Make time for movement! Walking after work will do the same thing. Remember that your body is built to move. In the absence that we move we are more likely to feel negative emotions in our bodies.

What are some exercises I can do to relieve symptoms?

For those suffering from cervical pain, exercise can be an important component of relief. Exercises targeting the neck, upper back and arms can help relieve tension, restore range of motion, and improve strength to allow for a greater ability to perform daily activities with ease.

Specific stretching exercises, such as shoulder shrugs and rotations, can help relieve tightness in the muscles that lead to neck pain. Isometric exercises in which you press against your hands and/or objects, such as a wall or doorframe, also add muscle tone and stability in addition to helping alleviate tension.

When performed regularly under the guidance of a doctor or physical therapist, these exercises can provide much-needed relief from chronic pain.

Neck Physio Near Me

If you are looking for neck physio near me then you have come to the right place. Our clinic is located at 10 St Duthus St Preston Vic. If you wish to book an appointment click the link below and follow the prompts. We look forward to meeting you!

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