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physiotherapy for hip pain

Physiotherapy for Hip Pain

One of the most common causes of pain and disability in the globe is hip pain. Hip joint issues can cause discomfort and dysfunction, which can be relieved with physiotherapy. The paragraphs that follow will answer some frequently asked questions and explain how physiotherapy might relieve hip discomfort. If you are near Preston, Victoria, and require physiotherapy for your hip pain then look no further. We are trusted by the people of Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Northcote, and Thornbury to provide the best hip physiotherapy care. One of the various methods our skilled physiotherapist may employ to treat hip pain is clinical massage. Call 0490 021 474 right away for further details.

Hip pain and physiotherapy

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Injuries to the hip occur often in persons of all ages. However, hip problems are typically relatively varied for people of different age groups. The majority of hip discomfort can be effectively treated with physiotherapy. Read on to get the answers to some frequently asked questions about hip discomfort and how we at Specific Physiotherapy treat these conditions.

There are many different types of pain associated with hip conditions. Our physiotherapist will use advanced assessment techniques to assess the strength in your gluteus maximus and other associated hip muscles, along with other hip structures including ischiofemoral ligaments, acetabular labrum, iliofemoral ligament, femoral neck, greater trochanter, articular cartilage and head of the femur. A thorough assessment is the best way to a physiotherapist can isolate the cause of the symptoms.


Chronic pain during weight bearing requires long term pain management and exercise program designed to strengthed muscles that can compensate for vulnerable joint structures, such as the synovial membrane and femoral head. A hip replacement could be indicated should you not respond well to physiotherapy. Overactive nervous system contributes to chronic pain and some pain include rheumatoid arthritis. Speak to your physio and they will assist you with finding the source of your symptoms.

Hip pain in Older Patients

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Osteoarthritis and a collection of diseases collectively referred to as "lateral hip pain" are the most prevalent issues in and around the hip in older adults. The latter condition includes both gluteal tendinopathy and trochanteric bursitis. All of these hip conditions can result in pain while walking, especially over longer distances, while sleeping, and during other daily tasks like climbing stairs or getting in and out of a car or chair. The groyne, the back of the hip, or even the side of the hip may be the site of the pain. The management of these disorders by physiotherapy typically entails minor adjustments to behaviour and activity, manual therapy (such as joint mobilisation and massage), and a carefully tailored exercise regimen.

Hip Pain in Younger Patients

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The most common problems for younger patients and athletes are labral tears and synovitis, which are frequently brought on by a condition known as femoro-acetabular impingement syndrome. Synovitis is an inflammation of the tissue within the joint caused by irritation, and labral tears are damage to the cartilage in the hip joint that can occur suddenly or gradually over time. Both of these disorders are typically characterised by severe hip or groyne pain, which is frequently accompanied with clicking when the hip is moved.

What is Femoro-Acetabular Impingement Syndrome (FAI or FAIS)?

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FAI happens when the femur and/or acetabulum, the two bones that make up the hip joint, have a slightly different form from what's considered "normal," rubbing against one another and irritating the joint as it moves in specific ways. This can result in severe discomfort when the hip is placed in particular positions as well as pain in the front of the hip and groyne. The diagnosis is made by examining the hip's range of motion, the site of the discomfort, and any x-ray results. Learning which positions or activities would irritate the hip, strengthening some of the muscles that surround it, and mobilising (a type of manual therapy) the joint to ease discomfort and aid in movement are all part of management.

What should I do if I have shoulder pain right now?

On occasion, back injuries might also cause people to have hip pain. Referred pain results from the confusion of nerve signals as they travel from the body to the brain and is also referred pain. A skilled physiotherapist will be able to identify the cause of your discomfort and point out any underlying causes, such as anomalies in the knees, feet, or lower back.

We are situated at 10 St. Duthus Street, Preston, Victoria. Please use the website to schedule a physical therapy appointment. In addition, before your first physiotherapy visit, kindly provide image reports. Call us at 0490 021 474 if you have any questions.

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Our practitioners at Specific Physiotherapy are very experienced in treating both older and younger individuals with hip issues, and they have a great deal of knowledge in the field of hip injuries. If you have any inquiries, use the Contact Us page or schedule an appointment right away so we can start helping you on the road to recovery!​

You may begin living pain-free and reach your health, wellness, and fitness objectives with the aid of our physiotherapy services. Book an appointment right away.

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