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Medicare Physiotherapy

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At Specific Physiotherapy, we provide top-quality Medicare physiotherapy services to chronic pain sufferers in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria.


The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan provided under Medicare in Australia is a great way to ensure people get the best medical support and advice they need. The EPC Plan helps cover some of the costs of consultations with doctors and allied health services like physiotherapists, psychologists and dieticians.


Eligible patients can receive up to five subsidised allied health services per calendar year depending on their treating GP providing a ‘care plan’ outlining how each service will meet the person’s health goals.


The EPC Plan makes it easier for Australians to access vital medical services that would otherwise be too expensive as this allows them to obtain up to five times the normal Medicare rebate for seeing a GP or specialist.


This demonstrates yet another positive step forward in progress towards a system that ensures everyone has equal access to reliable healthcare.

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Physiotherapy Medicare: How To Access

The Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC), previously known as the chronic disease management plan, for physiotherapy Medicare sessions in Australia is easy and straightforward.


To qualify, you must first arrange a consult with your general practitioner (GP) who will assess whether this plan is suitable for you based on your medical history and health needs. After the consultation, your GP will issue an EPC referring you to the appropriate allied healthcare provider such as a physiotherapist.


From there, begin making use of the new referral EPC where up to five allied healthcare sessions can be claimed with Medicare rebates. Keep in mind that multiple EPCs can be issued throughout any one calendar year so speak to your GP about having further checkups and assessments as this could potentially increase your access to more quality care from allied healthcare providers like physiotherapists.

The chronic disease management program offered by Medicare in Australia is an excellent resource for people experiencing chronic pain. It provides access to a range of services that have been designed to help manage their condition better, improve their quality of life and give them the support they need.

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Physio Medicare rebates at Specific Physiotherapy

You may be wondering how a physio Medicare rebates are processed. The good news is that it's actually quite simple. Here's a quick guide to help you get started.

First, you'll need to make sure that your physiotherapy provider is registered with the Australian Government's Extended Primary Care (EPC) scheme. If they're not, they won't be able to process your rebate.

Once you've found a registered provider, you'll need to book an appointment with your GP for an EPC referral.

Once you have your GP's referral, you can make an appointment for your first session of physiotherapy with Specific Physiotherapy Preston.

When you arrive for your appointment, be sure to bring along your Medicare card, GP referral and any other relevant documentation.


Our allied health provider will then process your Medicare rebate for you. First your physio will take full payment for the consultation and then $56 is rebated back onto your bank card. It's as easy as that.

So if you're looking for a way to save on physiotherapy costs, be sure to follow these steps to process your physio Medicare rebate.

Medicare Rebates for Physio

Full Physiotherapy Consultation Fee
Physiotherapy 30minute: $100

Physiotherapy 60minute: $150

Medicare EPC Physiotherapy rates at Specific Physiotherapy Preston for chronic disease management:


Physiotherapy 30minute: $44 gap payment

Physiotherapy 60minute: $94 gap payments

GP referral and Medicare card required to claim Medicare rebates for allied health services.

We process your payment and Medicare claim following each session. The current Medicare rebate is $56 which is covered by Medicare per physiotherapy consultation.

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Physiotherapy for chronic pain

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment option for chronic pain. Chronic conditions can be debilitating and can severely impact a person's quality of life.


Unfortunately, chronic pain is often under-treated or even ignored by many in the medical community. This is starting to change, however, as more and more research is demonstrating the efficacy of physiotherapy for chronic pain.


Through a comprehensive assessment of musculoskeletal structures and functional movements, physiotherapists examine each person's individual needs in order to formulate a tailored treatment plan. Physiotherapy exercise that helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion. In addition, physiotherapy can help to improve circulation and promote healing.


Preston physiotherapy

Techniques used may include massage, manual therapy, dry needling, stretching and strengthening exercises as well as lifestyle changes. Such interventions can reduce pain levels and improve functionality, leading to improved quality of life for those suffering with chronic conditions. In some cases, it may even be possible to completely eliminate chronic pain with physiotherapy.


How we treat chronic pain conditions

At our clinic, we are proud to offer comprehensive allied health services for chronic disease management.


Our experienced team of physiotherapists use evidence-based approaches tailored to the individual needs of each patient, combining hands-on treatment with patient education and exercise prescription. We emphasise a multidisciplinary approach, which includes creating positive lifestyle changes through diet and nutritional guidance as well as psychological strategies such as goal setting and relaxation.


Our aim is to treat not only the physical effects of long-term pain but also to support you in finding strategies to help manage it in the future. We will make the most of your new referral for physiotherapy in the five sessions we have together.

Physio Massage for Chronic Pain

At our practice, our skilled physiotherapists use massage therapy to target chronic conditions. This therapeutic approach allows us to treat the underlying source of the patient's discomfort and not just their symptoms.


Our massage specialists tailor each treatment according to the individual needs and preferences of the patient, with the goal of helping them find relief from their pain through targeted massage.


By aiding in circulation, posture, exercise and relaxation techniques, we strive to improve our clients' overall wellbeing. When combined with an individualized exercise program and lifestyle changes, massage therapy can help people living with chronic pain find lasting relief.

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Physio Exercise for Chronic Pain

Our physiotherapists use exercise to treat chronic pain in order to strengthen affected muscles and give them greater range of motion.


These exercises will target the specific area that is causing pain and can stretch tendons, ligaments, and muscles to reduce inflammation.


It is important to note that while some discomfort should be expected when exercising with a chronic pain condition, our top-notch physiotherapists will ensure the movements are done safely and within limits tailored for each patient.


In addition to helping reduce discomfort, these exercises can improve balance, stability, flexibility and range of motion; as well as making it easier for people to move through everyday life without experiencing extra stress on their body from aches or pains.

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Physio Education for Chronic Pain

Our physiotherapists specialise in helping patients with chronic pain through education on inflammation and the science behind chronic pain.


We understand that traditional approaches may not provide necessary long-term relief, and so offer a fresh perspective focused on healing. This is accomplished by educating our patients on the sources and causes of their pain which can help them better understand and adapt to it.


Our physiotherapists also encourage their patients to develop healthy coping strategies and adopt new ways of responding to physical discomfort, such as progressive relaxation techniques, to help manage chronic pain covered by Medicare and get ahead of any flare-ups.


Through both compassionate care and informed therapeutic sessions, our team of physiotherapists strive to ultimately provide a holistic approach for lasting relief from chronic pain.

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Our Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain

At Specific Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists strive to give their patients the best holistic care possible when dealing with chronic pain.


Rather than focus on solely physical treatments for a chronic condition, our clinicians take a holistic and understanding approach. We believe in uncovering the root causes of the patient’s chronic condition so that we can better manage their symptoms.


Our goal is to support patients in making positive lifestyle changes which will help them restore functionality and autonomy as quickly as possible. Our physiotherapists collaborate with other medical professionals, such as doctors or nutritionists, in order to provide a full-circle of care for maximum healing.


Patients find this method especially helpful as it comprehensively addresses all aspects of their wellness. Call to talk more about our allied health service with a holistic approach today.

Chronic Disease Management for Better Health Outcomes

At Specific Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists strive to give their patients the best holistic care possible when dealing with chronic pain.


Rather than focus on solely physical treatments for chronic pain, our clinicians take a holistic and understanding approach. We believe in uncovering the root causes of the patient’s condition so that we can better manage their symptoms.

Services include ongoing assessment and planning with a healthcare professional, as well as access to other allied health providers. The benefit is that it offers a coordinated approach tailored to individual needs, which can enable more effective treatment over time.


Combined with self-management strategies, patients can take more control over their lives and get back to the activities they enjoy.


Therefore, the chronic disease management program covered by Medicare provides an invaluable level of support for those living with chronic pain. Our eligible allied health providers will review your chronic disease management plan with your GP if necessary. If you have a chronic condition get in contact with your GP and talk about a Chronic Disease Management plan covered by Medicare.

What to expect in your physiotherapy sessions

Physiotherapy sessions for chronic pain often involve an assessment of the area causing discomfort, as well as a treatment plan to help improve mobility and reduce pain. Your initial consult will involve a discussion with our physiotherapist about your goals for treatment and our allied health services. We will talk to you about what it will take to be pain free. 


Through a combination of physical tests, deep tissue massage, pain education, and exercise your physiotherapist will identify any physical impairments that need to be addressed.


Each of the five physiotherapy sessions will help strengthen muscles, in addition to providing relief from discomfort and improving overall wellbeing. Utilising the latest evidence-based manual therapy treatments, such as dry needling or remedial massage may also prove useful during your treatment plan.


With an effective monitorable plan tailored to your needs, you can look forward with confidence to improved health and quality of life as you progress through your physiotherapy program and eventually be pain free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is physiotherapy covered by Medicare?

Physiotherapy is partially covered by Medicare through the Chronic Disease Management Plan. It is important to note, however, that while physiotherapy is covered by Medicare - there are costs associated with services provided under the CDM plan which are not covered by the plan. $56 is covered each session by Medicare. The remaining GAP is covered by you. The physiotherapy covered by medicare works our to be approximately $250 over five physio sessions.

How many physiotherapy sessions can I get?

Eligible patients qualify for up to five allied health services per calendar year as part of the chronic disease management plan. Medicare entitlements depend on the type of chronic medical condition and whether or not you need multiple services as part of your GP management plan. General practitioners will discuss with you if you need speech pathology, occupational therapy or other allied health services.

Can I claim with private health extras?

We also accept all major private health insurance plans that have physiotherapy covered. Private health rebates can be done on the spot using HICAPS or an invoice can be sent to you via email to claim manually. Most private health insurance paying clients have physiotherapy included in their extras. You can use your private health extras once the five Medicare rebates are completed.

What is the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)?

The Medicare benefits schedule provides an important safety net for many Australians, covering vital healthcare services such as doctor visits, lab tests and allied health services. It is also crucial for keeping out-of-pocket expenses down; Medicare rebates help individuals and families navigate the high costs of medical care. In addition to providing understandable information about what will and won't be covered under Medicare, the benefits schedule also aids in transparency when it comes to pricing – meaning you know exactly how much will come out of your pocket.

How is my Medicare claim processed?

With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are proud to offer you the convenience of having us process your medicare claim for you. As an experienced team of professionals, we're committed to making the claims process as easy and stress-free as possible. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that your claim will be handled with precision and accuracy. Not only will you save time but also energy knowing that we have taken care of the paperwork for you. Allow us to provide the peace of mind you deserve so that you can focus on getting better!

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