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Joint Manipulation

It is convenient to find Specific Physiotherapy in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria. Residents of Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Northcote, and Thornbury depend on us for the finest physiotherapy care. To treat any ailment or injury, our skilled physiotherapist can offer a variety of therapies, such as joint manipulation to provide pain relief and restore function. Contact 0490 021 474 for more information.

Hands-on Physiotherapy approach

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For our patients, Specific Physiotherapy offers a variety of therapies to aid in pain management and recovery. Joint manipulations or a hands-on approach is established firmly in our practise and philosophy. Our physiotherapists typically combine joint manipulation with extra multimodal therapies including exercise, advice, remedial massage, and dry needling in order to speed healing.

What are the benefits of joint manipulation?

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One of the most common ways to provide patients more range of motion (ROM) and pain reduction is joint manipulation. Joint manipulation, often known as "back cracking," helps patients by utilising a number of different methods.

Our trained physiotherapists use the method of joint manipulation to lessen discomfort and expand range of motion while enhancing a patient's general quality of posture.

What are the causes of joint dysfunction?

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Several conditions, such as the following, can cause in joint dysfunction:

Underuse - People who have spent a lot of time in front of a desk or bed may suffer from severe joint discomfort and injury as a result of underusing their joints.
Overuse - can occur either through a brief period of intense effort or over the course of a lifetime of constant use.
Natural Joint Dysfunction - Joints naturally degenerate with age, but this fact does not make the process any less painful, uncomfortable, or harmful. Joint manipulation can lessen the effects of natural joint dysfunction.
Trauma - is caused by an accident, an injury, or over an extended period of time.
Post-op - Issues that develop both connected and unrelated after an operation are referred to as post-opt.

Joint manipulation side effects


Headache, slight radiating pain, and local discomfort are among the extremely modest side effects of joint manipulation, which is regarded as a safe therapy. When the spine's joints are manipulated, there are various hazards involved. These include stroke, spinal damage, herniated discs, rib or vertebral fractures, among other problems. Because of this, it's crucial to only work with trained specialists that have knowledge of joint manipulation.

Whenever possible, look for a physiotherapist with the highest qualification that a physiotherapist can achieve and is recognized around the world. Our highly trained physiotherapists will be able to assess your condition and overall health to determine whether or not joint manipulation would be beneficial to you.

How does joint manipulation work?

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Joint manipulation is typically utilised as one component of a larger physiotherapy regimen that also involves a variety of other methods. Your physiotherapist will discuss with you to assess whether joint manipulation is the best treatment for you.

Joint manipulation initially resembles receiving a massage. A massage table will frequently be used by your physiotherapist while they precisely apply pressure with their hands to adjust your joints.

Muscle, ligament, scar tissue, and the joint capsule itself will all be stretched and realigned as a result of the pressure and movement used to manipulate the joint. Joint manipulation is a successful pain management strategy as well.

Joint manipulation can benefit all joints from your spine to your toes, but only your doctor or physiotherapist can assess if it is correct for you either on its own or as part of a comprehensive physiotherapy approach.

We are located in Preston Victoria

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10 St. Duthus Street, Preston, Victoria, is where we are located. To make a physiotherapy appointment that includes spinal manipulation, kindly use the website. Please send image reports via email as well before your initial physiotherapy visit. Please feel free to call us at 0490 021 474 if you have any questions.

Bookings for our physiotherapist are available

By clicking the link below, patients can manage their own physiotherapy appointments online. If you have any questions initially, please contact our friendly team, who will be pleased to assist you.

You may begin living pain-free and reach your health, wellness, and fitness objectives with the aid of our physiotherapy services. Immediately make an appointment.

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