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Exercise physiotherapy

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We provide top exercise physiotherapy for our patients in a conveniently located clinic at 10 St Duthus St Preston, Victoria. Residents of Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Northcote, and Thornbury depend on us for the best corrective exercise services. Any condition or injury can be treated by our skilled physiotherapist using a variety of techniques, including corrective exercise. For further information on exercise physiotherapy please call 0490 021 474.

What is corrective exercise?

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Using an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics, corrective exercise addresses and corrects movement compensations and imbalances to enhance overall movement quality both during workouts and in daily life.

Corrective exercise is used to assess imbalances and improper movement patterns that contribute to problems with posture, balance, and overall body coordination.

A corrective exercise specialist can create a workout plan that addresses the problem through foam rolling, stretching, and complete body movements once the problem or problems have been recognised.

The stress placed on a client's body is lessened by treating their functional movement and the problems preventing it, particularly at their feet, knees, and hips.


Corrective exercises lower the likelihood of future injuries by appropriately aligning the body to handle the stress that regular activity places on it.

These techniques will help clients move more easily, which will allow them to perform a wide range of new exercises. Additionally, it will enable them to engage in a wide range of activities and sports that they might not have otherwise been able to accomplish.

The importance of corrective exercise

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Whether you work in an office or are a professional athlete, movement is a part of everyday life. Corrective exercise is essential for locating and treating imbalances that lead to problems with posture, stability, and mobility. Fitness experts can spot issues and potential restrictions in a client's motions by having a deep understanding of corrective exercise.

A proper assessment is one of the most crucial components of a corrective exercise. Professionals can efficiently assess their clients and create individualised plans to enhance the way their clients move, feel, and recover from a workout using NASM's Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx). According to studies, a corrective exercise programme can enhance neuromuscular control and lower the likelihood of further injuries.

Movement assessments and postural assessment in the anatomical position improve along with other health benefits of workout routines involving moderate intensity exercise, high intensity exercise and appropriate exercise techniques according to patient presentation. Usually exercise will contribute to weight loss, build muscle in different body parts and other benefits if completed at minimum 3 days a week. For example, bench presses - 15 reps, 5 times a week will benefit the overall strength and conditioning of most patients. For some patients, maximum heart rate can be achieved with brisk walking. Whatever your presentation, speak with your physiotherapist about a tailored exercise program that will not do any harm. Injuries involve pronation and supination or flexion and extension before any major lifting exercises are prescribed. Speak today to Billy Gilhooley to discuss the appropriateness of exercises.

What are the benefits of corrective exercise?

  • Improves adaptability

  • Enhances movement patterns, improves neuromuscular efficiency (coordination), Increases muscle activation, and increases joint stability.

  • Increases recovery capacity

  • Gets the body ready for more intense exercise

  • Enables the body to function at its best

  • Corrects muscular imbalances

Physiotherapists are corrective exercise specialists

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Corrective exercise approaches can be used by healthcare practitioners as a transitional step for patients leaving the treatment area and moving closer to achieving their physical movement objectives. A Corrective Exercise Specialist is an authority on analysing human movement. They correctly identify hyperactive and underactive muscle groups as well as compensatory movements in a client. After doing an examination, they design workout plans that maximise clients' mobility, ensure that they carry out exercises properly, and lessen tissue strain brought on by the load that training places on the body. Anyone who works in the fitness or health industry would benefit greatly from corrective exercise, and in some cases, it would be required.

Where can you find us?

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10 St. Duthus Street, Preston, Victoria, is where we are located. Please make an appointment for physiotherapy using the website. Please email image reports as well before your first physiotherapy appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to phone us at 0490 021 474.

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Book in with our physiotherapist

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By clicking the link below, patients can manage their own appointments for corrective exercise online. If you have any questions initially, please contact our friendly team, who will be pleased to assist you.

Our corrective exercise services can help you live pain-free and reach your fitness, wellness, and health objectives. Book an appointment for exercise physiotherapy right away.

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