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Specific Physiotherapy & Remedial Massage by Billy 5 Star Reviews

Preston Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Service

Our Preston physiotherapy services will help manage your pain so you can focus on living pain free 

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Remedial Massage Therapy by Billy in Preston

Welcome to Specific Physio Preston

What we do

Finding the best physio Preston has to offer isn't easy. At Specific Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to improving community health. We provide the residents of Preston physiotherapy and massage services of the highest quality for pain relief and functional improvements. We help people achieve their wellness and fitness goals.

We use superior hands-on manual therapy techniques during physio treatments that provide you with the best results possible, quickly. Contact us to book an appointment today.

Get in contact with us

We are located at 10 St Duthus St, Preston VIC 3072

Give us a call on 0490 021 474

Book online here

Our opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 10:00am - 9:00pm

Friday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Our pledge

We provide you a roadmap to greater health with long term improvement in mind. This is done by treating the source of your problem, not just the symptoms. With our guidance, you will reach your full potential.

We give the best patient care and enjoy playing our role in your allied health care team, providing imput for pain management and improving functional movement.

The combination of our clinical massage for pain relief and tailored exercise programme for functional movement seperates us from regular physios.

specific physiotherapy preston
Preston Physiotherapy Clinic
Billy Gilhooley physio

Our aim

Specific Physio Preston aims to make physiotherapy and massage services affordable, accessible and beneficial for everybody.

Our treatment philosophy

Healing is not just the removal of symptoms, its the restoration of baseline functions that facilitate the return of life and the living of it.

Chronic Conditions

We specialise in the assessment and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions. Chronic conditions are likely to be present for at least six months. During your initial assessment our physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment of all musculoskeletal conditions contributing to your chronic pain.


Treatment of chronic pain varies. We will recommend a unique approach to the treatment of your chronic condition, such as a combination of clinical pilates, manual therapy and/or exercise rehabilitation. We also offer support for patients with chronic pain who are either pre post surgery.


We are recognised by all major private health funds. We also encourage patients with chronic pain to get a GP referral for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan.​ Specific Physio are located at 10 St Duthus Street Preston VIC.


Please call us on 0490 021 474 for more information.

specific physiotherapy preston
AHPRA Physiotherapy Board member
Australian Physiotherapy Association Member
Massage & Myotherapy Austraila member

Services offered
at Specific Physiotherapy

Specific Physiotherapy offer a wide range of treatments for any injury or condition all under the one roof


Clinical Massage

Dry Needling

Ergonomics & Posture

Education & Advice

Physiotherapist massaging male patient with injured shoulder blade muscle. Sports injury t

Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Release

PNF Stretching

Sports Massage Therapy

Pilates Workout

Tailored programs

Strength & Conditioning




Static & Dynamic

Holistic Health

Why choose our Preston physiotherapy centre?

Specific Physiotherapy is a trusted provider of physiotherapy located at 10 St Duthus Street Preston VIC. 

The final stop to your pain

We will assess your holistic health to better understand the underlying issues. Then we will provide a tailored manual therapy treatment addressing the cause, not just the symptoms. Book now and free yourself from pain.

Pain relief without pain

Feel better and back to yourself in no time with our treatment plans tailored to your needs. Free yourself of the pain that has held you back  Get back your pain free life today.

Expertise you can trust

You can rest easy knowing you are in the safest hands. Our experienced physio will free you from the pain that has held you back for so long. Take control of your pain now.

Wide range of treatments

Our wide range of treatments have you covered. With us, you'll find everything from clinical massage, joint manipulation, dry needling and exercise rehabilitation - all under one roof.

What we treat: Not just the symptoms

 Sports Physiotherapy: Sports injuries

Experience tailored sports physiotherapy at our physio clinic. Our team of highly trained healthcare professionals specialises in injury management and injury prevention. With a thorough physiotherapy consultation, we provide effective treatment for all sports injuries.

From sprains to strains, our experts understand the unique demands of athletes and offer targeted interventions at our physio clinic, such as joint mobilisation, massage and strength training.

Whether you're looking to recover swiftly or aiming to prevent future injuries, our Preston physiotherapists have you covered. Trust us for evidence-based approaches that manage your musculoskeletal injuries, helping you get back to your peak performance. Choose us to receive comprehensive care that addresses injuries from every angle.

Physiotherapy for upper body

Physiotherapy for lower body

Calf & Heel pain

Shin pain

Physiotherapy for trunk and spine

Quadricep pain

Hamstring pain

Specific Physiotherapy Preston logo

If you have a sports injury and you are near the Preston area then we are here for you. A physio management plan could be what you need for that nagging neck pain or long term knee injuries. We take a full medical history then base our treatment plan on the latest exercise science.


If you need quality sports physiotherapy conveniently located in Preston, then get in touch for a treatment plan today. Book your appointment online or give us a call for immediate sports physiotherapy needs.

See more on our Services page

Your Local Preston Physiotherapist




Remedial massage therapist

Billy Gilhooley
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Billy Gilhooley, your local Preston physiotherapist, is a primary care health professional for muscle health and well being. He provides the residents of Preston physio services involving a combination of clinical massage therapy, condition specific education and exercise prescription.

Billy understands the health benefits of physiotherapy and massage. He offers both quality physiotherapy and massage services to prevent injury, improve physical activity and quality of life.

Billy is a pain specialist treating muscles, tendons, joints and muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. He emphasises spinal stability, postural correction, wellness and preventative strategies.


Billy has helped many clients overcome pain with his elite hands-on treatment skills and anatomical knowledge base. For the best physiotherapist Preston has to offer look no further. Book in a physiotherapy appointment with Billy Gilhooley today.

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Physiotherapy Preston

Located in a Convenient Preston location

10 St Duthus Street Preston VIC

Specific Physiotherapy is conveniently located at 10 St Duthus St, which is just a few hundred metres from the Murray Road and Gilbert Road intersection in Preston.


Our physiotherapy clinic offers easy access for patients travelling via car, tram or train in Preston and surrounding suburbs.

We offer ample parking and our location is a two minute walk from the nearest tram stop #43 Murray Road / Gilbert Road Preston, making us easily accessible via public transport.


A short 10 minute walk from the station, we work closely with the community, ensuring our services are readily available. With day car parking facilities, visiting our team of Preston physiotherapists is hassle-free.


Our prime position lets us serve you better, making optimal health easily accessible to all.

remedial massage by billy
Beyond Barriers Allied Health Mobile NDIS Physiotherapy
Specific Physiotherapy Clinic In Preston Vic
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